PWD’s Business In A Box


PWD’s Business In A Box

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PWD’s Business In A Box is everything  that you need to Power your business from concept to reality; and sets a foundation for sustainable growth.

What it includes:

Mystery Giveaway + A guide of Social media contests that drive results and sales; PWD is providing your first prize giveaway! , PWD CEO Workbook,and a Flash Drive powered up with our Quick Charge material.


  • Tools every business needs
  • Business checklist
  • Employee handbook
  • Articles of Incorporation template  Bylaws template
  • Business Plan template
  • Business Expenditure
  • Partnership agreement
  • Sales agreement
  •   Logo maker tools
  • Trademarking 101


  • Elements of a good ad
  • Marketing Dev Plan template
  • Marketing tips 10


  • Business Communications training
  • Sales Communications training
  • Sales basics


  • Avoiding scams
  • Understanding business credit
  • Understanding business funding
  • How to source a vendor list


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